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The Big Day

Now sit back and pamper yourself and enjoy your bridal party, family, and friends.  Your wedding planner handles all the details to make sure that you and your groom have as much fun in celebrating as do your guests.

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Creating the Look

Now that you have hired your professional Wedding Planner who has assisted you in securing your venue and vendors, you can focus on the details that follow your theme to get the feel that you desire. Details for invitations, ceremony decorations, reception venue, flowers, linen colors and textures, food and beverages, table settings, lighting, music,…

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I Just Got Engaged, Where Do I Start?

First, hire a wedding planner, like A Signature Event by Krista, so that you can get everything that you want to make your dreams come true.  The wedding planner will assist you in finding the right venue and vendors at the best price and the quality you expect. They will assist with your theme, design,…

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Texas Friendly Weddings

Whether you dream of a morning chapel ceremony with the soft glow of morning sunlight, a daytime ceremony with panoramic views of the surrounding Hill Country, or an evening ceremony accented by romantic candlelight, we will assist you in finding a beautiful venue and to create an experience beyond your imagination.

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